Artist Alley – Wrap up

This weekend I was in artist alley at the MEFCC/Jinnrise booth with Tony Vassalo and Sohaib Awan promoting our project Jinnrise. It was my first time sitting a table at a major comic con. During a hectic four days I sketched, talked, did portfolio reviews, interviews, and sold a hard pitch for ‘Genies vs. Aliens coming in January’ to anyone who would listen.

Tim Yates at NYCC Artist Alley

My ugly mug blocking some beautiful art.

There were goods and bads to take away from the con. One of the few bads was that we were complete unknowns at the con. No one has heard of Jinnrise, or Tim Yates, or anything to do with our table yet, so most people looked us over in favor of something they recognized. This made selling the prints we brought with us in hopes of making back some of the money we spent on the con difficult, as all we had was cool art to draw attention to ourselves in a giant room full of cool art.

It seemed most people gravitated towards illustrators that had a wide selection of fan art prints. Who wouldn’t wan’t an awesome picture of their favorite characters hanging out with each other or immolating bunnies or whatever it is they do? Hopefully our characters will gain some recognition or even┬ánotoriety┬áin years to come.

But since we are creators of and for the people, we selflessly began giving away our precious con prints to foot weary fans. In return for free stuff, they only had to hear about how much they needed more Genies vs. Aliens comics in their life. This turned into one of the good takeaways from con. Most people were super pumped about Jinnrise once they heard more about it, and I’m very optimistic about the series come release in january.

At the end of the day, we probably won’t be back in artist alley next year. Hopefully by then Jabal Entertainment will be big enough to be with the small publishers on the main floor, but we’ll just have to see.

I’ll keep track of any articles or interviews with me on the interweb below. So far only one has popped up, hopefully more to come!

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